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Sanitation services: Restrooms and safe drinking water hand pump projects:


Here is the list of our sanitation services of which we want you to get involve with us to save lives in war ravaged Liberia

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Program 2 for Africa-Liberia

Restrooms and safe drinking water hand pump projects:

Liberia is one of the poorest countries in the World. Liberia got her independence from the United States on July 26, 1847. Before and from that time to present, Liberia has no access to the basic fundamentals of life like clean drinking water, rest rooms, village heath centers, housing etc. The 14 years of brutal civil war brought more hardship, poverty and diseases on the rural dwellers. Many of them left the country as a result of the war to seek safety in foreign countries. After the war ended in 2003, many of them returned to Liberia and to their villages but sadly there were nothing left to live on. No housing, no cash crops, no safe drinking water, no income, no schools, no rest rooms.


Many die from dirty water

Fetching water

Restroom in ocean

No hand pump

They ended up cutting palm branches and erecting sticks to plastic them with mud to use as homes.  The greatest challenge have been the lack of restrooms and safe drinking water because they cannot afford the cost to build restrooms and install safe drinking water hand pumps in their villages. Many of them therefore die from simple water borne sicknesses because there are also no clinics to treat them. They use the nearby bushes as restrooms. Unfortunately for the rural inhabitants, flood from the rain carry the feces back into the creeks where they fetch water to drink, cook and shower with. They developed skin diseases, chloral and other water borne sicknesses which killed many of them. Many people do not know the plight of these people because the Liberian government has no statistics on rate on rural Liberians. TGHS will build restrooms and install safe drinking water in communities and villages in Liberia to save lives. It cost $4,500 to install a decent water hand pump (materials and labor). It cost about $12,000 usd to build a structure that contain 12 restrooms which will allocated 6 restrooms to ladies and 6 restrooms to men in each community and village.

                                             Positions for sanitation program 

                                         1.Program Director
                                         2.Human resources director
                                         3.Program Development director
                                          4.Fundraising/donor committee
                                          5.Media & publicity committee
                                          6.Recruitment committee

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