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Services for people with intellectual disability/mental retardation and mental health


Here is a list of services we provide and we want you to join us to support the mental health industry in Africa

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             Africa program

           Program 1 for Africa –Liberia
 Service for people with intellectual disability/mental retardation and mental health

Tambasons Global Human Services advocates for people with mental retardation or mental health problems in Liberia and educate the general public about people with mental retardation or intellectual disabilities and provides services for people with mental retardation or intellectual disabilities.

No care,food,treatment

They are chained

They are sick & not fed

They are beating/abused

TGHS is to initially buy 5 acres of land and build homes to serve as permanent residences for mental health people in Liberia who are receiving no care and attention from government and institutions since the founding of Liberia. The rate of People with mental retardation in Liberia have increased sharply as a result of the 14 years of brutal civil war which destroyed the country infrastructures and killed more than 250,000 civilians compromising mostly of children, women and the elderly. People with mental health/mental retardation have no support from their families and the community in which they live. They are most times chained, beating and abused by family members and other people. A mentally retardate person is consider as an embarrassment, disgrace, curse and bad luck unto the family. Most family ignored them and allow them to go in the street to fetch for themselves and live where in most cases they are abused and rape in the case of women. They have no access to food, shelter, clothing, medical etc. They are found all over Liberia in the streets, under the bridges, streets, corners,dangeroius places  searching for food in dump sites, They are left to die in the streets from hunger,sicknesses,abuses,rape,cold,heat, etc. TGHS will provide complete 100% human services on a 24 hours basis by employing qualified people through training to assist people with mental retardation in Liberia. Live a basic fundamentals of life as human beings. TGHS will search for people with mental retardation from the 15 counties of Liberia and bring them to the compound to care for them for the rest of their lives.TGHS will provide Care/support services which include housing, medical, food, sanitation, clothing, social services, transportation etc.
Some of the immediate employees will consist of people who have worked in the mental retardation industry in the United States for many years and have either retired or resigned to return home to live.

        Positions for mental health/mental retardation program

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