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               Support for African Immigrants in the USA



Here is a list of our services

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Our programs and services for immigrants include 

A1: Imprisoned African Immigrants.
A2: Troubled Youth
A3: Single parents
A4: The Elderly who can’t work in America:
A5: Free daycare Center for immigrants who can’t afford regular daycare cost.
A6: Community Center to host programs/events and to provide humanitarian services.
A7: Employment training services for the youth & unemployed immigrants
A 8: Housing services for the elderly African immigrants
A9: Home care and social services for African immigrants

A10: Information services to immigrants to resources in America
A11: Volunteering services to immigrants who may want to volunteer in their communities and with other organizations


B: Monthly seminar on various topics :

B1:How to abide by us laws and stay out of trouble :
B2:Job training seminars
B3:Fire safety Training/avoiding scam /crime prevention etc
B4:Financial training like credit cards,loans,investment,saving
B5: Renting a home verses Home buying seminars
B6. Adult volunteerism
B7.Making a difference in the communities and in Africa

C: African culture promotion in the USA by bring Americans & Africans together to share common values and culture and networking.
C1: Staging African cultural show to high light the culture of Africa in USA
C2: Promoting African culture entertainment like dance, singing, play etc.
C3:To bring African immigrant together for networking,  sharing, entertainment with their host Americans etc.


As a result of wars in many African countries during the last 15 years, many African immigrants secured safety in the united States through the African resettlement programs in the United States through the help of African borne American citizens,Luthran children and family services, the catholic services,etc.Many Africans in the USA filed for resettlement programs to bring their children, families and relatives for safety in the USA.Other African Refuges who came in the USA file for Asylum and when granted they in returned filed for the families to join them in the USA.The number of Africans in the USA have double in the last 15-20 years. Upon arrival in the United States, many of these African immigrants soon begin to find themselves in trouble with federal laws, state laws, county laws etc.


Immigrant teen age pregnancy. Help needed

After jail time, deportation.
Why not rehabilatation ?

Many of the African youth brought in the United States soon found themselves during drugs, committing various crimes, unable to support themselves, having no access to African culture, unable to go to school, having children before 18 years of age, dropping out of school. Drunk while driving etc. Many of them have left the home of their parents even before age 18 and are now in the streets posting threat to themselves and the communities they live. Many of the adult ones soon find themselves in different kinds of troubles like sexual harassment, drunk while driving, divorces, stealing, depression, joblessness, loneliness’s, cultural shock, illnesses  etc.

As a result many of them have been put in various American jails around the country serving different jail time. Those who have served their jail time are being released from jail and deported back to Africa without any rehabilitation or support services. The deportation of these Africans back to their various countries have resulted to an alarming rate of crime rate, Instability, poverty, arm robbery, Insecurity to those countries they have been deported to. Many of these troubled African immigrants living in America without any support services continue to commit various crimes in their communities thereby making their communities insecure.

The elderly African immigrants brought in the United States have found it very difficult to find income generating opportunities because they are not literate and they are above employment age. There are no retirement age for these elderly African Immigrants since they live on manual labor like farming, gardening, etc. Many of these elderly African immigrants unlike their American counter parts have no retirement savings, no social security income, no 401ks,no IRAs,no real properties, no sources of income whatsoever. Many of them have therefore become depressed, sick, lonely, poor, isolated, inactive,

Many of them have resulted to the least expected action by asking their families in the USA to send them back to Africa where they can live their African live and be able to engage in employment, social services, and cultural activities against the way and pleasure of their American immigrant residents. Many of these elderly people have been sent home thereby creating serious gap and separation in the family union.

Above are just some of the many problems affecting African immigrants in the United States.

Programs to find Solution to African Immigrants problems before they fall in trouble,while in trouble and after the trouble. These are ongoing programs that need volunteers,sponsors,grants,donors ,funding etc.

Minimize the imprisonment and deportation of African Immigrants to Africa without rehabilitation.
Tambasons Global Human Services program is to identify and document in early stages African immigrant youth/people who fit the profile of being a potential danger to themselves and their community and provide support services such as:
1.Mentoring by life skills experts,
2.Good morale life coaching skills experts.
3. Teaching them good African values and skills by the elderly unemployed African immigrants.
4. Employment services by hiring job coaches to keep them engaged
5.Social services by engaging them in singing competition, African dance competition, arts competition, games, and sports events between counties.
6. Daycare center services for teens and single mothers who find it difficult to pay for regular day care services fees. The daycare employees will be elderly African immigrants who cannot gain employment in the American job market.

7.To find affordable health insurance for the elderly African immigrants who have no access to health coverage
8. Housing assistance to those who cannot afford to pay their rents and bills due to unemployment, sickness, recent arrival, age, death of the family head/sponsor.
9.To provide community center where African immigrants can meet and socialize, tell stories, network with each other, have fun, share cultural values, volunteer to assist each other and the communities where they live.
10.Visit and provide support to African immigrants in prison, when they come out of prison and how to stay out of trouble
11.To provide ongoing support to those deported to Africa so that they cannot become danger to society and people in their respective countries.
12.To provide transportation assistance to those elderly African immigrants who cannot drive  or who are not permitted to drive to go on vacation tour, visit museums, visit other historical sites and states in the USA.

                     Positions for African immigrant program
                              1.Program Director
                               2.Human resources director
                               3.Program Development director
                                4.Fundraising /donor committee
                                5.Media & publicity committee
                                6.Recruitment committee

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