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  Medical and Educational supply to health centers and schools,groups,individuals etc.


Here is the  list of our educational and medical services of which we want you to get involve to saves in Africa



Program 3 for Africa –Liberia
As a result of the prolonged war in Liberia, many of the health centers and educational centers were rooted and destroyed. Today many health centers and schools have no supply to function effectively and to save lives and improve the educational standard of Liberian children.





No school building

No health center

No ambulance service

No classroom

No playground

Tambasons Global Human Services will seek donations, supplies, sponsorship, partners etc to secure medical supplies and school supplies to donate to Liberian health centers, schools and individuals to save lives and improve standard of living and education.


                  Positions for medical and educational program
                                            1.Program Director
                                             2.Human resources director
                                             3.Program Development director
                                             4.Fundraising/donor committee
                                             5.Media & publicity committee
                                             6.Recruitment committee

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and have decided to be a partner___ sponsor__
of the above program. I/we promised to abide by the guide lines and policies of TGHS in the implementation of the program in the name of Tambasons Global Human Services.
I/We will provide leadership for this program in the areas of program director___ Human resources director__Program Development director__ Fundraising /donor committee_____Media & publicity committee__Recruitment committee___
Name________________ position___________