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  Tambasons? Global Human Services (TGHS). P.O.box 8957,Philadelphia,PA 19135  USA.Tel: 215-939-6764 

As a leading provider of human services, we take pride in offering the best of services and support to the people we serve. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day

                                                                           Mission Statement:
1. Our mission is to advocate, educate, serve and provide leadership to people with mental health, behavioral health, poverty and rehabilitation services in partnership with others, to prevent disability, build resilience in people and their communities, and support recovery for people whose lives have been affected by poverty ,illness, war, abuse, neglect, drugs, imprisonment, intellectual disability or other developmental disabilities, or substance.

                                                                             Vision statement
Tambasons Global Human Services is to advocate for individuals whose lives have been affected by mental health, poverty, Illness, war, abuse, neglect, intellectual disability, homelessness, drugs, social behavior in the United States and Liberia. TGHS vision is to educate the general public about the condition of the affected individuals and groups in Liberia and the United States so as to gain knowledge and provide support and quality of life without discrimination in the communities they live. TGHS vision is to provide services on a need basis to individuals and groups affected such as rehabilitation, training, housing, community integration, health services, shelter services, social services, employment services, legal services, youth services, children services, educational services, adult services, women services in Liberia and the United Stated States. TGHS vision is to work with and be implementing partner with both local, state, national and international support groups in government and private sector including foundations, sponsors, donors, ngos, religious organizations, development organizations, individuals, religious organizations

                                                   BIOGRAPHY OF THE TAMBASONS

My name is Moses Bombo Tambason. I am a father of five children and five grandchildren. I have five sisters and three brothers. I am a Lutheran of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. My father and mother are deceased. I was born in 1960 in Kolahun District, Lofa County, Liberia. I am a Liberian and I belong to the Gbandi tribe in Lofa county Liberia. I was born and grew up in the village called Ngaleagai which contained only one house hold family of the town of Dowodowo, Kolahun District, Lofa County.

I was twelve years old when I first went to school in 1972. I left Lofa to see Monrovia the capital city of Liberia for the first time in 1977 during vacation time. I left Lofa in 1981 to go to school in Bong Mines Bong County. I graduated from high school in 1982 and went to Kakata Rural Teacher Training institute in 1983. I dropped out in 1984 due to lack of school fee ($210 USD). During my senior year in high school in 1982, I became a self-supporting student. I made gardens around the house and worked for people to support myself. After dropping out from KRTTI in 1984,I started my own business in the same 1984 from cash received after harvesting my coffee farm in the sum of $15.00 USD plus a loan of $10.00 USD from my late mother's friend.

I started my business selling kerosene in 1984 with a budget of $25.00 USD and turned that into more than $12,000 usd in less than fifteen months selling kerosene and later wearings.I owned my first vehicle in 1985 and opened a shop and later in 1987, I bought and built my own store in Bong mines and operated it successfully up to and including some part of the war time. I owned vehicles and houses in Liberia before the war started. The war came and destroyed everything that I have ever worked for from my youth. I ran in the bush to save my life from rebels and later moved to Buchanan in 1992. The rebels destroyed my new motel I had built in Bong mines and looted my stores and my houses. I opened another store in Buchanan in 1992 but again I was threaten with death so I escaped and went into exile in N’zerekore Guinea from January 3rd 1993 to August 1997. God saved the lives of my family and myself to have escaped safely into exile in Guinea.

While living in Guinea as a refugee, we founded the Lutheran church in Guinea because there was none in Guinea since in fact Guinea is predominately Muslim country. We named it the Refugee Lutheran Church. I was elected as chairman of the church council and during my tenure as chairman, we registered the Lutheran Church in Guinea for the first time. We were supported by the Lutheran church of Liberia headed by Bishop E.Sumowood Harris of LCL Liberia. The Lutheran of Liberia is call in the USA as Evangelical Lutheran Church. I lived in N’zerekore’ Guinea with my family and did successful business in Guinea and returned to Liberia after the election in 1997.

I again opened stores in Liberia and a restaurant but had to leave the country due to insecurity and ill-health. I have lived in Philadelphia the United States since my arrival in 1999 to present. I currently work in the human services field and I am also a Licensed Real Estate agent in the state of PA USA and a member of St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. I am the visionary and founder of Liberia Rebuild Global Team (LRGT).LRGT is a nonprofit organization compose of Liberians to help rebuild Liberia. I also owned five houses in Philadelphia which I pay mortgages for. Through the help of God, I filed for my son to come to the USA to go to school. My son is currently a college graduate and is marry to his beautiful wife Stacy Tambason and they have twins (a boy and the girl). My daughter Lusu has a girl and boy and my third child Damawa has a boy. I have lot of relatives and extended family in Liberia. I am blessed and my family is blessed, our vision now is to help make the World to be a better place for human beings to live and feel the love of God in their practical lives hence, the birth of this family nonprofit of which you are a part. Thanks