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Love isn't about finding someone perfect; it's about learning to love an imperfect person perfectly. Please use this form below to write your donation either used or new and click submit or  Call/text Us at 215-939-6764 . Get involve to support people with special needs. 





  Welcome to TGHS Inc. We work with you,religious groups,institutions,individuals and partners globally to render humanitarian services to people with disabilities/special needs like mental disabilities,developmental disabilities, the blind,the ,African immigrants in the USA, the poor, the sick, kids,women,and others in other to make the World a better place for human beings to live in peace and good health. Click on programs above to see our various programs and click on sign up above to volunteer with us,sponsor any of our clients or programs. We ugently need volunteers around the World to join our fundraising team,board of directors,committees,leadership etc. We are asking today that  before you leave this site to join our Ebay global buy and sell fundraising program. This ebay program makes it very easy for anyone anywhere to donate to our charity by listing your new/old unwanted items on our charity site to sell and decide if you wish to donate 100% of proceeds to our charity or certain percentage while you have the rest. Also all cash donations on this site and ebay site is tax deductible. Upon your donation you will receive an instant paypal tax receipt to claim on your tax. Click the link ahead and like us or click "add to my cause"on ebay then begin listing items for sale, buying or selling anything you want on ebay at discount prices. Please click here now to join our charity global ebay fundraising program .If you wish to mail your donation in materials like clothing,footwears etc or check, please mail it to Tambasons Global Human Services Inc, P.O.box 8957,Philadelphia PA 19135 USA. . If you have questions or concern,please click on contact us above and fill out the form and we will respond quickly. You can also text or call us at any time at 781-990-8447.


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8yr old Joe Peter with fast growing
hernia. He needs your donation to
save his life. Click here to watch his video
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Little Somah is not pregnant at all.Unlike
Joe on left and Daniel on right,he just died
and his dad is sick and disabled.
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21yr old disabled Danie slowly 
dying with foot diesease. He is rejected
in his community by people due to his
sickness. Click here to watch his video 
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Disables spokesman Mr.Issac Somah speaks at program


Urgent appeal to save this child life by performing medical procedure


We defied Ebola to serve people with special needs in Liberia